In 2013, we sign up a RM6288 pre-wedding photo shooting package with Avalon Bridal Couture (GM is called Marcus Yap) located at Kota Damansara through wedding expo in Mid Valley.

End of July I have my gown fitting at their shop n found that they have super limited gown collection which they term all of it as 'Designer Gown'. So for your understanding designer gown to them means no alteration. I have to just try all n see which I can fit n that's it. Even they have about like 20 gowns but a lot I can't squeeze in. Maybe I am too fat to wear their gowns there. During the fittings my friend wants to took photo of me so that we can recall which is which, but stop by Queenie (Marcus wife). We told her it is just easier for us to make decision later on but she reasoned we are not allowed as theirs is designer gown n to prevent we copy the design. This is the first WTF. Copy their design?? So we just have to use our memory to note on our preference n choose out 4 gowns that can fit me. Please note that in this case I do not have the luxury of choosing the one looks good on me but just which fits well. Queenie assured that she will arrange accordingly to bring all items to Bali. Since we are not allowed to take photo so we have to choose to believe her.

We bought our own air ticket but between July to Sept Marcus is not able to advice on the itinerary and which hotel we should stay. On Sept 2013, we flew to Bali. We knew he have several couple shooting at Bali but each couple have different date and time. All the while Marcus never took the initiative to update or tried to contact us on arrangement. Till the day before the shooting we checked in to Bali wondering if Marcus really will be there or we will ended up got con. We were relived when we saw him sitting at cafe. However when we approach found that he met with accident while shooting the first couple. He assured us not to worry. We sympathise him n told him to take it easy. Rest when he needed even during our shooting.

According to our package, we just have to pay for our own air fares, hotel n transportation in Bali. We do not even have to pay for their meals, but since each meal the team are like waiting for us to pay so we just paid all their meal daily as a goodwill.

First day of shooting required me to wake up at 2am as make up starts 2.30am. Make up artist pass me my gown n after put it on I'm like how come I will choose this so ugly gown? I ask my hubby n he too can't recall. Then the make up artist ask is it not your gown? I told him I really can't recall but this gown definitely is not my style. So we flip through the whole pile of gown which they threw all over the floor in their hotel room. Yup, their so call designer gown throw to few pile on the floor. After some searching we can't find n couldn't recall so I say just wear the one I can remember first. And by that time also only I knew their designer gown maybe will be shared with other couple during this trip. Meaning if other couple choose the same gown then will depends who have better luck to wear the clean gown. I will just assume I am wearing all the clean gown.

After end the second day shooting due to short of 1 gown we discussed with Marcus if he could gave us raw file for all the photo or at least bigger size than 4R which is in the package. He started to become very defensive. Small argument do break out at that time. He say is non of their business n not their problem. This is the second WTF. We told him he have problem with their mgmt but he keep arguing. We told him, is ok if u don't want to bear responsibility. He should know testimonial from clients are important. Back to hotel, he found my gown which I think it is coz is my style. He knock on my door n say "look, we actually brought your gown. So now u make us bring this gown without wearing it." Another WTF to me. He suppose is my job to go n find thru all over his room to find my gown which I test fit 2 months ago n can't even be sure which design I should look for? Some more we told him they r the one set the rules not to take photo coz afraid I will copy the design. And of course he acted surprise when I say this. We told him is ok if u do not want to do any sort of compensation, we do not want to argue further. But we are utterly disappointed. Back to his room, he intercom us saying he will give us free studio shoot back to KL; which we very appreciate.

Since bankers club is giving us to use their premise FOC for photo shooting, we told Marcus we wanted to shoot there. He told us in that case we need to pay RM388. Another WTF. I thought is compensation to us? But since I have always wanted to shoot at bankers club we just paid him without arguing more. We treat it as his transportation fee n make up services.

On the day, we went to his shop to make up. Then he say he will go by our car. We say no. As we are staying in KL we aren't going back to Kota Damansara after we finished. He say in that case we need to pay him RM50 for him to drive himself. WTF! I told him the RM388 shouldn't be as your transportation etc? He said no. We really getting tired dealing with him so we just paid him.

After all these WTFs... I am now querying myself why still engage Avalon Bridal Couture (where they engage another freelancer Wee Heong being the CEO & Founder of Wee Photos Galleria) to shoot my actual day wedding in KL which is on 18th Jan. This is my grave mistake. A mistake that I bought it upon myself n now I can only cry to myself. Wee Heong lost all my cocktail session photo for that night. When I realise short of photos taken Marcus never show me the effort he is trying to trace Wee Heong. He just entertain me by saying call him he didn't answer phone. And sometimes irresponsibly say they give all they have d.

I called Wee Heong personally asking for my balance photos. Because is my first time calling him he do not know my number so he answered. Told him who I am then he say he will try look for it now. That's it. He never picked up my phone again. He knew he is wrong and he isn't a man. He doesn't dare to face his mistake. And this is how he handle his work?

For Marcus, even u didn't avoid us, u cry n u beg us to let u off. U say your company no money etc. What u want me to do now? U have been punishing me emotionally. Do u have idea how important that one for me? I m really willing to pay you double to get back my photos.

Now I am begging you, pls teach me how to do... It's affecting me so badly.... I can only cry to myself for my own decision... I make the decision to engage u n now I have to suffer alone... I m not sure if I ever can standup all bcoz of u..